For BMW Emblem Logo 74mm Front Trunk Hood Badge 2 Pins Chrome 3 5 7 Series X3 X5

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Seller: dingdang1997 (15) 93.3%, Location: China, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 153243127112 Fitment List Please note that depending on YOUR VEHICLE fitments may differ for hood or trunk so we ensure you check the emblem size is 74mm. Model Year Application Bavaria 28001970 - 1971Hood16001968 - 1971Hood20021968 - 1976Hood2002 Tii1974 - 1976Hood25001969 - 1970Hood28001969 - 1971Hood2800CS1970 - 1971Hood3.0CS1972-1974Hood3.0S 1974-1974Hood3.0Si1975-1976Hood318i (E30)1983 - 1985Hood318i (E36)1992 - 1998Hood & Trunk318iC (E30)1990 - 1992Hood318iC (E36)1992 - 1998Hood318is (E30)1990 - 1991Hood318is (E36)1992 - 1997Hood & Trunk318ti (E36)1995 - 1999Hood & Trunk320i (E21)1977 - 1983Hood323iC (E36)1997 - 1999Hood323is (E36)1997 - 1999Hood & Trunk325 (E30)1984 - 1988Hood325e (E30)1984 - 1988Hood325es (E30)1984 - 1988Hood325i (E30)1987 - 1991Hood325i (E36)1991 - 1995Hood & Trunk325i (E46)2000 - 2005Hood325iT (E46)2000 - 2005Hood325Ci Cabriolet (E46)2000 - 2006Hood325Ci Coupe (E46) 2000 - 2006Hood325iC (E30)1987 - 1992Hood325iC (E36)1992 - 1995Hood325is (E30)1987 - 1991Hood325is (E36)1991 - 1995Hood & Trunk325ix (E30)1987 - 1991Hood325xi (E46)2000 - 2005Hood328ci Coupe (E46) 2000 - 2000Hood328i (E36)1996 - 1998Hood & Trunk328i (E46)1999 - 2000Hood328iC (E36)1996 - 1999Hood328is (E36)1996 - 1999Hood & Trunk330i (E46)2000 - 2005Hood330Ci Cabriolet (E46)2001 - 2006Hood330Ci Coupe (E46) 2001 - 2006Hood330xi (E46)2001 - 2005Hood3 Series and M3 (E90)2006-PresentHood524td (E28)1983 - 1985Hood525i (E34)1988 - 1996Hood & Trunk525i (E60)2003-2007Hood & Trunk525i (E39)2001 - 2003Hood525i (E61)2004 - 2007Hood & Trunk528e (E28)1982 - 1988Hood528i (E12)1979 - 1981Hood528i (E39)1997 - 2000Hood530i (E12)1975 - 1978Hood530i (E34)1993 - 1996Hood & Trunk530i (E39)2001 - 2003Hood530i (E61)2004 - PresentHood & Trunk533i (E28)1983 - 1984Hood535i (E28)1985 - 1988Hood535i (E34)1988 - 1996Hood & Trunk540i (E34)1993 - 1996Hood & Trunk540i (E39)1997 - 2003Hood630csi (E24)1977 - 1977Hood633csi (E24)1978 - 1984Hood635csi (E24)1985 - 1989Hood733i (E23)1978 - 1984Hood735i (E23)1985 - 1986Hood735i (E32)1987 - 1993Hood & Trunk735iL (E32)1987 - 1994Hood & Trunk740i (E32)1992 - 1995Hood & Trunk740i (E38)1995 - 2001Hood & Trunk740iL (E32)1992 - 1995Hood & Trunk740iL (E38)1995 - 2001Hood & Trunk745i (E65)2002 - 2005Hood750iL (E32)1987 - 1995Hood & Trunk750iL (E38)1995 - 2001Hood & TrunkM3 (E30) 1987 - 1990Hood & TrunkM3 (E36) 1994 - 1999Hood & TrunkM3 (E46) 2001 - 2006HoodM3 (E90) 2006 - PresentHoodM5 (E28) 1987 - 1988HoodM5 (E34) 1990 - 1992Hood & TrunkM5 (E39) 2000 - 2003HoodM6 (E24) 1987 - 1988HoodX5 3.0i (E53 and E70)2000 - PresentHoodX5 4.4i (E53 and E70)2000 - PresentHoodX6 (E71) 2007 - PresentHoodZ3 1.9L (E36) 1995 - 1998HoodZ3 2.8L (E36) 1997 - 2000HoodZ3 2.5i (E36) 2001 - 2002HoodZ3 3.0i (E36) 2001 - 2002HoodZ4 (E85) (Non-M)2002 - PresentTrunk This emblem also fits for hood of the following year and model: 2009-2011 B7 Alpina Sedan2006-2008 B7 Alpina Sedan2009-2011 B7L Alpina Sedan2010-2011 B7LX Alpina Sedan2010-2011 B7X Alpina Sedan2002-2003 Z8 Alpina V8 Roadster1990-1992 318i Convertible1993-1995 318i Convertible1996-1998 318i Convertible1982-1985 318i Coupe1984-1985 318i Sedan1990-1998 318i Sedan1986-1992 325i Convertible1993-1995 325i Convertible2000-2006 325i Convertible1992-1995 325i Coupe1986-1991 325i Coupe1983-1985 325i Coupe2000-2006 325i Coupe1984-1988 325i Sedan1989-1991 325i Sedan1992-1995 325i Sedan2000-2005 325i Sedan2005-2006 325i Sedan2000-2005 325i Touring2005-2006 325i Sports Wagon2000-2004 325IX Sedan2005-2006 325IX Sedan2006 E91 325XI Touring1994-1999 328i Convertible1999-2000 328i Convertible2005-2011 328i Convertible1994-1999 328i Coupe1999-2000 328i Coupe2005-2011 328i Coupe1995-1998 328i Sedan1998-2000 328i Sedan2005-2011 328i Sedan2007-2011 328i Touring2006-2008 328IX Sedan2008-2011 328IX Sedan2006-2008 E91 328XI Touring2009-2012 E91 328XI Touring2007-2008 E92 328XI Coupe2009-2011 E92 328XI Coupe1999-2005 330i Convertible1999-2005 330i Coupe1999-2005 330i Sedan2005-2006 330i Sedan2005-2006 330XI Sedan1999-2004 330XI Sedan2007-2011 335d Sedan2005-2007 335i Convertible2008-2011 335i Convertible2005-2009 335i Coupe2009-2011 335i Coupe2007 335i Sedan2007-2011 335i Sedan2006-2008 335IX Sedan2008-2011 335IX Sedan2011-2012 E92 335SI Coupe2007-2010 E92 335XI Coupe2011 E92 335XI Coupe2011-2012 E93 335IS Convertible1988-1990 525i Sedan1990-1995 525i Sedan2000-2003 525i Sedan2003-2005 525i Sedan2005-2007 525i Sedan1991-1996 525i Touring2000-2003 525i Touring2004-2007 525XI1981-1987 528e Sedan1996-2000 528i Sedan2005-2009 528i Sedan2010-2012 528i Sedan1998-2000 528i Touring2005-2009 528XI1992-1995 530i Sedan2000-2003 530i Sedan2003-2005 530i Sedan2005-2007 530i Sedan2004-2007 530XI Sedan2004-2007 530XI Touring1982-1984 533i Sedan2008-2011 535i Gran Turismo1984-1987 535i Sedan1988-1993 535i Sedan2006-2009 535i Sedan2008-2011 535i Sedan2010-2012 535i Sedan2006-2009 535XI Sedan2009-2012 535XI Sedan2006-2011 535XI Touring1992-1995 540i Sedan1995-2001 540i Sedan2004-2005 545i Sedan2008-2011 550i Gran Turismo2008(LCI)-2010 550i Sedan2006-2008 550i Sedan2011 or Newer 550i Sedan2009-2012 550IX Sedan2012 F12 640I Convertible2012 F12 640I Coupe2012 F13 640I Convertible2012 F13 640I Coupe1976-1977 630i Coupe1977-1983 633i Coupe1984-1989 635i Coupe2002-2005 645CI Coupe2005 645i Convertible2004-2007 650i Convertible2007-2010 650i Convertible2010-2012 650i Convertible2005-2007 650i Coupe2008-2010 650i Coupe2011 ActiveHybrid 750i Sedan2008-2011 Hybrid 7 Sedan2008-2011 Hybrid 7L Sedan1986-1992 735i Sedan1988-1992 735IL Sedan1992-1994 740i Sedan1994-1995 740i Sedan1996-2001 740i Sedan2009-2012 740i Sedan1992-1994 740IL Sedan1995-2001 740IL Sedan2009-2012 740IL Sedan2000-2005 745i Sedan2000-2005 745LI Sedan2004-2007 750i Sedan2008-2011 750i Sedan1987-1993 750IL Sedan1994-1998 750IL Sedan1998-2001 750IL Sedan2004-2008 750IL Sedan2009-2012 750IL Sedan2008-2011 750LX Sedan2003-2006 760i Sedan2002-2008 760IL Sedan2008-2011 760IL Sedan2010-2011 135i M Coupe2008-2011 E89 Z3 M3.2 Roadster 30I1997-2000 E89 Z3 M3.2 Roadster2008-2011 E89 Z3 M3.2 Roadster2008-2011 E89 Z4 M3.2 Roadster 28I2008-2011 E89 Z4 M3.2 Roadster 35I2008-2011 E89 Z4 M3.2 Roadster 35IS1997-1999 M3 Convertible2000-2006 M3 Convertible2007-2010 M3 Convertible2010-2011 M3 Convertible1986-1990 M3 Coupe1993-1996 M3 Coupe2000-2006 M3 Coupe2008-2010 M3 Coupe2010-2011 M3 Coupe1996-1998 M3 Sedan2008-2011 M3 Sedan1986-1987 M5 Sedan1989-1993 M5 Sedan1999-2003 M5 Sedan2004-2009 M5 Sedan2005-2010 M6 Convertible1986-1988 M6 Coupe2004-2010 M6 Coupe2008-2011 X5 M SAV2008-2011 X6 M SAC1997-2000 Z3 M3.2 Coupe2005-2008 Z4 M3.2 CoupeZ4 M 3.2 Roadster Z4 M3.2 Roadster2009-2011 X1 28IX SAV2009-2011 X1 35IX SAV2003-2006 X3 2.5 SAV2009-2011 X3 28IX SAV2003-2006 X3 3.0 SAV2006-2010 X3 3.0 SAV2005-2010 X3 3.0SI SAV2009-2011 X3 35IX SAV1999-2005 X5 3.0 SAV2007-2010 X5 3.0 SAV2006-2010 X5 3.0SI2008-2010 X5 3.5d SAV2009-2011 X5 35IX SAV1998-2002 X5 4.4 SAV2003-2006 X5 4.4 SAV2001-2003 X5 4.6 SAV2003-2006 X5 4.8 SAV2006-2010 X5 4.8 SAV2009-2011 X5 50IX SAV2007-2009 X6 35IX SAC2009-2011 X6 35IX SAC2007-2011 X6 50IX SAC2008-2011 X6 Hybrid SAC1995-1998 Z3 1.9 Roadster1998-2002 Z3 2.5 Roadster1998-1999 Z3 2.8 Coupe1996-2000 Z3 2.8 Roadster1999-2002 Z3 3.0 Coupe1999-2002 Z3 3.0 Roadster2003-2005 Z4 2.52008-2011 Z4 3.0 Roadster2002-2005 Z4 3.0 Roadster2004-2008 Z4 3.0 Roadster2005-2008 Z4 3.0SI Coupe2004-2008 Z4 3.0SI Roadster2008-2011 Z4 3.5 RoadsterLighting Z4 3.5 Roadster2009-2011 Z4 3.5IS Roadster1999-2003 Z8 Roadster Newer models this emblem fits: 1-Series (E81/E82/E87/E88) from 2003-Present (Hood)3-Series and M3 (E90 Model) from 2006 - Present (Hood)5-Series (E60/E61 Model) from 2004 - Present (Hood and Trunk)6-Series (E63/E64 Model) from 2004 - Present (Hood)7-Series (E65/E66 Model) from 2002 - Present (Hood)X3 from 2003 - Present (Hood)X5 from 1999 - Present (Hood) This item may not fit your vehicle if your model is not listed above. please check with us or our other auctions if you need this product for a vehicle not listed above. **(DOES NOT FIT)**Trunk:E12, E21, E23, E24, E28, E30 (non-M3), E36 convertible, E39, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93, E63, E64, E65, E82, E83 X3, E53 X3, E70 X5, E71 X6, Z1, Z3, MZ3 **Does not fit the hood on the following** Z4 Roadster, Z4 M Roadster 1er Serie E81, E82, E87, E88, F20, F21...2er Serie F22, F23, F45, F46...3er Serie E21 E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, F30, F31, F34...4er Serie F32, F33, F365er Serie E28, E34, E39, E60, E61, F07 GT, F10, F11, F18...6er Serie E24, E63, E64, F06, F12, F137er E23, E32, E38, E65, E67, E68, F01, F02, F03, F04, G11, G12...X5 E53, Z3, Z4, X1, X3, X4, X6... Package Include: 1 x 74mm BMW Emblem If you want to buy more , please contact us . Thanks ! PaymentI accept ONLY PayPal for payment. ・Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.・Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.・These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up - do not confuse them for additional shipping charges. Return100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased for any reason, please contact us for a return instruction within 30 days for a refund. Shipping Handling costs are not refundable. Return shipping cost will be paid by buyer. Feedback・Please leave positive feedback when you receive your order. Your positive feedback is very important to me which makes us keep improving. ・We hope you are satisfied with our service. We are also looking forward to receiving your positive feedback with 5-Star detailed seller ratings after you get the item. ・If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us. In our experience it is always more efficient to contact the seller, rather than leaving negative/neutral feedback or opening a dispute to solve any problem occurring on eBay.Contact us・Please contact us by eBay message only. ・We hope you are satisfied with our service. We are also looking forward to receiving your positive feedback with 5-Star detailed seller ratings after you get the item. ・If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us. In our experience it is always more efficient to contact the seller, rather than leaving negative/neutral feedback or opening a dispute to solve any problem occurring on eBay. Condition: New, Country/Region of Manufacture: China, Color: Blue, Manufacturer Part Number: 51148132375, Brand: Unbranded, Placement on Vehicle: Front, Warranty: 1 Year Insights Exclusive
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